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Founded in 1990 D.S.E.A.P has been working tirelessly without consideration of colour, caste or creed for the support of poor and disadvantaged children in Pakistan. D.S.E.A.P was originally founded in Hyderabad to meet the needs of poor children in the Sindh Province of Pakistan where there is a great lack of education particularly for girls. This ancient and historical land is home to many ethnic and tribal communities with different language and culture expressions. But due to poverty, deprivation and a feudal political system many children are denied the right to an education. Often due to low income, sickness or the death of the parent (s) family members are unable to pay for school fees, uniforms and books etc. 


In order to respond to the educational needs of such children Mr. Davis John Hidayat and the board members decided that a charitable organization was necessary. Therefore D.S.E.A.P  (Deserving Students Educational Assistance Programme) was founded.



                                                   DSEAP Board Members (Hyderabad)

                         Standing: Left to Right

                         Mr. James Francis(Member), Dr. Moriss Efrahim(Member), Rev. Daniel Fiaz(Advisor), Mr. Jameel Khan(Chairman), Mr. CyralMaqsood (Member) 

                         Sitting : Left to Right

                         Dr. Angel Nelopher(Member), Miss. Iona Sylvester(Vice Chairman), Mrs. Veronica Galdven(Treasurer), Mr. Edger Victor(General Secretary)



Student Support and Future Planning


So far we are helping 1000 deserving students but we realize that there are many more students who need our support. By the end of 2008 we had a target of helping 500 needy students. Having achieved this goal, we now; have a vision to be able to help 1500 deserving students by the end of 2010.


As part of our long term planning it is envisioned that a Educational / Vocational Institutes will be opened for D.S.E.A.P  students, particularly orphans; where in a safe, conducive environment our deserving students may further their education.




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